Sesta Lab lands in China

Sesta Lab will show its test capabilities during NexTurbine event in Wuxi, Shanghai.

Sesta Lab support aero market

Thanks to a recent update the Lab has tested its first aero combustion system


We are pleased to announce the newcomer Gioi Vezzosi in Sesta Lab team as Electrical Engineer. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering at Pisa University with a final dissertation on the optimization of the electric starter for the main compressor of Sesta Lab. He spent almost one year as Electrical Engineer working on industrial plants. During this period he improved his skills on the design of industrial electrical plants and on the development of experimental renewable energy production systems. He has a solid outperforming electrical backgrounds, with special focus on industrial plants. In Sesta Lab, he joined the electrical team.
He reports to the Director.


We are pleased to announce the newcomer Stefano Chiocchini in Sesta Lab team as Mechanical Engineer. He graduated in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at "Roma TRE" University of Rome. Then he won a research fellowship for a PhD course (now ending), focused on detection and prevention of gas turbines combustion instabilities. Both thesis and PhD research activities were performed at ENEA Casaccia Research Center of Rome. During the PhD he also collaborated with the Fluid Dynamics Chair through a temporary contract aimed to the set-up of advanced analysis techniques for thermo-acoustic signals. Finally he collaborated with gas turbines manufacturers in developing a new flameless burner, patented with ENEA.
He reports to the Director.

1 Job Opportunity in SestaLab as Mechanical Engineer

Sesta Lab has 1 opening as Mechanical Engineer.

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