We are pleased to announce the newcomer Guido Galgani in Sesta Lab team as Project Engineer. He has a degree in Energy Engineering at Pisa University. In the recent past, he spent 1 year as Engineer and 2 years as Research Engineer. During this charge, he obtained knowledge on the development of optical techniques for fluid dynamics. In Sesta Lab structure, he reports to the Test Bench Coordinator.

2 Job Opportunities in Sesta Lab

Sesta Lab has 2 openings. One in mechanical team and one in chemical team.

Have a look in “Contacts & Opportunities” at sestalab.com.

Italian is mandatory.

Sesta Lab and Ural Federal University start cooperation

Sesta Lab and Ural Federal University signed a memorandum of science Cooperation. Following the essence of the document:

The collaboration between the Parties shall be undertaken with the objective of promoting scientific ties between the Parties. Such collaboration shall include research activities in the area of analyzing and processing of experimental research data on various fuels burning in combustion chambers both at Sesta Lab territory and in remote. Scientific and research cooperation between Parties is also possible in other aspects of scientific activity as well as in case of Sesta Lab restructuring.

This is another international step to connect stakeholders worldwide

ASME Turbo Expo in Montreal

Last June Sesta Lab attended the whole week at ASME Turbo Expo in Montreal. It was a good chance to introduce our capability and expertise to GT world. 

During the panel session “COAL, BIOMASS & ALTERNATIVE FUELS” in collaboration with GE Oil&Gas a panel was showed. The Agenda was to introduce the syngas replication system available in Sesta Lab hence mainly capability like flows, pressures, kind of fluids and how it works. In addition it was clarified that this system can replicate a syngas base on a customer’s recipe. After that GE Oil&Gas showed three different applications using syngas replication system. The first one using almost the full capability so methane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The second one using 100% hydrogen (high percentage). The last one using a high percentage of ethane. GE concluded showing a slide dedicated to the new NovaLt16. It has a full annular combustor and it was developed in Sesta Lab.

Good time for Sesta Lab. Sesta Lab want to take part to GT global community and its events in a stable way. 

Hope to show others applications with customers and partners in the future.

ASME Turbo expo program is here.


We are pleased to announce the newcomer Marco Guarino in the Mechanic team. He has a first level degree in Mechanical Engineering at Pisa University. Following he spent 1 year as Mechanical Designer. During this charge he developed modelling and drafting skills. In Sesta Lab structure he reports to the Sr. Mechanic.