The emissions are analysed by two independent twin racks that receive smoke through two sample probes (the first before and the second after the backpressure valve).
Basics analysis are: O2, CO2, CO, NOx (infrared), NOx (chemiluminescens), NO2 (chemiluminescens), NO (chemiluminescens), UHC.
Fluctuations are acquired from a sensor installed near the burner or, if the client has his own system, the plant can be predisposed to receive sensors in the cell and monitor the inside of the control room.

When is possible, a camera is positioned on the test rig and by an optical fibre trough an hole see and record the flame.
A specific screen is dedicated to the customer that shows the main measurements of test items like air & fuel flow, temperature, pressure, emissions etc... In test cell interfaces are available for the measurement of temperature, analog and digital signals for a total of 500 and more measurements. All measurement required from CLIENT, are recorded into a server as digital data with 1 second frequency.