Co.Svi.G. operates in geothermal areas of Tuscany (Italy) and promotes regional initiatives for sustainable socio-economic development, through the promotion of actions related to support technological innovation, the green economy, renewable energy, energy efficiency.

CoSviG is 100% government company. The shareholders are the Districts of geothermal area of Tuscany and related Provinces. For additional info please see here.

Recently Co.Svi.G. acquired Sesta Lab to preserve its excellence capability and experience. Sesta Lab is a test area for Gas Turbine combustion chambers. It started up in ‘90s by ENEL. replicating combustor's real conditions in terms of pressure, flow and temperature has been the mission since the beginning. A design based on tests results allows to obtain final user's need (emission, environment,...). It is fundamental to get new Oil&Gas and Power Generation market share. The most important Gas Turbine Manufacturers have run a test at least once in Sesta Lab.


The Sesta site was created by Enel in 1995 and it has been since the beginning one of the world’s most advanced experimental stations for gas turbines.

Sesta Initially worked solely as part of Enel’s Research and Development operations, but over time external gas turbine burner manufacturers became interested in using the site for testing and developing of new products, as well as for studying operating of existing burners to improve their flexibility and fuels flexibility.