Combustion Air

UOM as is 2Q 2020
Compression train
upgrade (one more)
Flow kg/s 35 60 + 5%, +10% is possible if water
cooling is adopted
Pressure bar-a 23 30 in the combustion vessel
Temperature °C 520 520 in the combustion vessel

Natural Gas

UOM as is 3Q 2018
CH4 new heater
Flow kg/s 0,93 1,5
Pressure bar-g 38 38 at burner flange

Diesel Oil

UOM as is Note
Flow kg/s 1,1 at highest temperature and pressure
Pressure bar-g 148 at burner flange


UOM as is Note
Pressure bar-g 29
Temperature °C depend on the flow
Flow kg/s 0,3 to the higher temperature and pressure

Carbon Dioxide

UOM as is
flow kg/s 1,4
Storage Capability kg 16.000

Carbon Monoxide

UOM as is
Flow kg/s 1
Pressure bar-g 24
Storage Capability kg 4.800


UOM as is
Pressure bar-g 52
Temperature °C 450
Flow kg/hr 10.000


UOM as is
Flow kg/s 2,5
Storage Capability kg 40.000

Numbers represent maximum values achievable by the plant

In addition to the above mentioned fluids can be used in testing other fuels such as LPG Ethane Propane Butane and other mixtures. The system has the possibility of having the water cooling.

A syngas system can mix inerts and fuels based on the proportions required by the customer. In this way Sesta Lab is able to replicate the real mixtures available at the final GT installation site.


Sesta Lab is certified UNI EN ISO 9001, BS OHSAS 18001. We started a recertification process that will conclude in 2017 with the achievement of the UNI EN ISO 14001.


Sesta Lab observes a modus operandi aligned with BS OHSAS 18001 certification.


Sesta Lab has 2 test cells. Each of those can be used up to 40 weeks per year as guaranteed.
Customers have their own office warehouse, workshop is available in the area.